Friday, 14 September 2007

'Covent Garden' in Docklands

I made Cosán Dearg in collaboration with Jason Byrne and Julie Feeney in 2005. Bernadette and I have revisited the material in various guises since then and each time it's a different experience, determined by who we are and where we place our new encounter. This section is called 'Covent Garden' because we made it in a studio at the Opera House. We're investigating the work again because it's strong enough to face whatever our trip to the Dadao Live Art Festival in China may ask of it. Experiencing it alongside the smokers and pedestrians of this walkway in Docklands is good practice too.
The music is by Julie Feeney. (see for her wonderful award-winning album 13 songs)

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Rock and Roll Minotaur - for the smokers

I hadn't realised, not being a smoker, the new relationship that smokers have to the buildings in which they work. They are often to be found huddling in niches, porches and doorways or on this occasion enjoying the sun from a convenient wall. I'm sure there's potential in developing work for this temporary audience - though I wouldn't want anyone to think I was encouraging their smoking.

Perching near the power cables

We did go behind the protective/prohibitive barriers to do this perching sequence and a security guard came to warn us of the exposed power cables, but when I said we were dancing he left us alone.