Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Second performance day in Hong Kong

The second day of the Hong Kong/Dadao festival brought performances to the Queen’s Pier area of the city. The afternoon of performance were engaging and stimulating, unfolding in a kind of carnival atmosphere which some individual performances managed to focus and quieten. One such performance was by San Mu (there’s some background on him at http://www.araiart.jp/copro282.html) who opened a space in the paving and made a work that remembered an ancient city, Fengjie, that was flooded to make the Three Gorges Dam. San Mu invited onlookers to listen to the water in a three hundred year old bowl he had placed on the pavement:

Other performers included

Zhou Bin from China

Mandy Romero from Liverpool
( http://www.avfj43.dsl.pipex.com/mandy_performance.htm )

Yeh Yi Li from Taiwan

Marilyn Ansem from the US
( marilynarsem.net )

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