Wednesday, 16 January 2008

163 Sheriff Street

On our reconnaissance walk, we came across 163 Sheriff Street. It seems to be a cottage left behind when all its former neighbours have yielded to new development. 163 Sheriff Street is surrounded by the kind of tall gates that protect building sites and no one can wander in to knock on the door. But whoever lives there has maintained a vegetable patch in the shadow of the overlooking apartment complex. It would be easy to imagine a narrative of resistance in this single remaining cottage, but that says more about me than it bears a relation to fact.


Bindi said...

Wonderful. Great pic and description. Why do we long to read 163 Sherriff St as a site of resistence?

And why do you expect there to be a "fact" at all?

tigerpast said...

Thanks for the picture. I'm constantly looking for references to the North Wall area - my mother was born in Seville Place in 1917. I haven't been there, but am trying to build up images of the place both then and now, and then reconcile them somehow.