Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Fox on Foley Street

What I see are the passing people, the separate place where Stéphane dances, the bare trees that are being cut down, the new apartment buildings, the hoardings around new construction.

What I hear is the sound of timber boards and jack-hammers and one strong bird whose whistle momentarily defeats the mechanical music.

What I know is that the blob under the tree is a concentration of Bernadette energy and that Stéphane is fighting the inhospitable cold and yet the fight, vulnerable and strong, moves me.

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Bindi said...

I can hear what you hear, but what I see is half animal and half machine. A cat with a helicopter purr, a body taking on the appearance of a chain saw to help it all make sense, to fit in with the sounds. Amazing, captivating, sensitive, alarming. I loved it.